The musicians comprising HALO ORBIT represent three different corners of the map, literally and figuratively. Grammy Award-winning bassist Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Deltron 3030), guitarist/synth player suGar Yoshinaga (Buffalo Daughter, Metalchicks), and drummer Mark Guiliana (David Bowie, Scofield, Mehldau, Guiliana) each bring a distinctive style and musical pedigree to the proverbial table. With Alderete based in Los Angeles, Guiliana in New York, and Yoshinaga in Tokyo, the group effectively exists in three places at once, a mindset that, not surprisingly, finds its way into their vigorous, evocative music. Drawing comparisons to peers as disparate as Battles and Portishead, HALO ORBIT mold their own breed of futuristic rock, a volatile landscape of overdriven dub punctuated by textural nuances and delicate arrangements, and the sweet air of unpredictability.

Alderete and Yoshinaga first met in the late nineties when Buffalo Daughter toured the U.S. supporting Girls Against Boys. Well over a decade of mutual admiration later, a musical collaboration between the two finally began taking shape. During the winter of 2012, they convened in Los Angeles with drummer Guiliana, writing nearly an album’s worth of tracks that they immediately recorded with engineer Robert Carranza. Fine-tuning their creation over the next couple of years, they added a few tracks and enlisted contributions from guests such as Del the Funky Homosapien, Lisa Papineau, Money Mark Ramos-Nishita, Adrian Terrazas Gonzalez and Marcel Rodriguez Lopez. The resultant self-titled debut album will at long last be available in Japan through Beatink Dec 14th, 2016 and worldwide through Alpha Pup Feb 3rd, 2017, home to Jonwayne, Nosaj Thing, Free the Robots, etc. Alpha Pup head and Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev also happened to master the album. HALO ORBIT will make their live debut at Low End Theory in conjunction with the album’s release before hitting the road in support of it.